Thursday, May 3, 2007

Effects of Fast Food on Health

Kachori 1


Kachori 2


This is one of the tastiest Fast food sold for 10 Cents or 2 rupees per piece each.When you go to a fast food restaurant, You buy the fast food coupon Can You tell How it is made .

Kachori _It is one of the most popular fast food of north India.It is taken in the morning as break fast By the People of Indian States. This is served by most of fast food restaurants .The major effect of the fast food is obesity,But it is a major part of Indian fast food industry,>It is deep fried in the Open Pan In the vegetable oil. It is served with the precooked chana. But remember the fast food calories are high in Kachoris.

The Indian Fast food or ,Macdonald fast food ,both fast foods cause obesity.